The webpage is almost fully up and running! I'm going to take the World of Warcraft random epic battlegrounds to new heights!

Been trying to post at least two new videos daily. I'm getting better at editing videos for time, next up I'll need to start adding some funny sound effects to match the scenes as well.

Rest assured, I'm on the case, and I've been a computer programmer for over 30 years now, so I'd say that I learn at an accelerated pace due to my history.

So follow me on all social media links at the top right! Like, comment and subscribe helps all of the algorithms to help us grow, and I say us because we are all Alterac Valley Maniacs!

I stack chips and I unload clips!


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BREAKING NEWS: Mesosteathly pwns in Ashran with the Ancient Artifact!
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BREAKING NEWS: Archaos gets REKT by MESO, A.V.M. & PUGS using only Raid Warnings!
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Cinco & A.V.M. give RuinTV a dose of their own medicine? TROLLED!
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HOLY SHIT, that's a lot of Alliance at our base graveyard!
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Even the Alliance love Mesostealthy?